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Professional Mold Testing Services in Miami Gardens, FL

We've got mold everywhere. It's only a matter of how much mold spores it takes in indoor air to become hazardous. Mold testing helps to identify the mold issues present in your home, so you can make health problems better or prevent them entirely. However, you need to know when you should carry out professional mold testing in your living or working area.

When to Do Professional Mold Testing

There are common conditions to look out for "mold testing near me" service:

High Humidity

Even if you don't see mold, high humidity is enough reason to call a professional, especially if accompanied with a musty smell.

Visible Mold

Another condition for needing professional mold testing is when you can see mold growing. If mold shows up in some area in your home, you never can tell where else it's growing in the building. It can hide in drywall, under the floor, or even behind walls! And you won't know how serious the growth is until professional testing.

Signs of Mold Sickness

One more thing to look out for is noticing health problems relating to mold in family members.

Musty Smell

Also, if you perceive a musty smell in your home, chances are high that there is a presence of mold.

Post Inspection after Remediation Services

If you had mold testing before remediation was performed, it makes sense to have clearance testing at the end of the mitigation, to verify that the situation has been treated appropriately. If you want to be sure the mold you've just treated is gone, professional mold testing is the way to go.

Property Acquisition

You need professional testing during property acquisition too. Whether you're buying or selling, the condition of the building involved is vital.

Mold Inspection and Mold Testing Services
Mold Inspection and Mold Testing Services
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What We Do During Mold Testing

We perform mold testing in different ways. Here are some of the methods we use for reliable results.

Air Sampling

We take samples from the air within and outside your home. This is done so we can compare the mold amounts and types indoors to those found outdoors in the same area. If the amount is much higher indoors, or there are strains not found outdoors, there is an active mold problem indoors. Samples analysis takes place at a certified independent laboratory. And that is where experts identify which particles are present in the air around your home.

Surface Sampling

For this, we need to pick parts of the surfaces in your homes like the walls and floors or flooring materials. That includes both hard and porous surfaces. There could be mold on them. Also, surface sampling helps to be more precise about where you have a serious case of mold in your home.

Difference Between Mold Inspection and Testing

Mold Inspection. It takes place within your home. You would have a certified mold specialist come around. This is to check the area for signs that mold exists.

Inspection is always physical. You have to cooperate with the specialist to answer questions. The inspection also leads to identifying the presence of leaks, moisture, or water damage.

Mold Testing. Our mold expert identifies all areas of concern and collects samples from indoor / outdoor air and surfaces and sends them to an independent laboratory. The further testing procedure takes place in a certified lab. This is for more accurate mold detection. The samples from your home or office will undergo observation under special conditions during testing. It's the only way to identify mold species, mold level, and to determine the necessity for mold remediation.

Effect of Black Mold on Indoor Air Quality

The impact of black mold on indoor air quality is significant. It can aggravate existing health issues or introduce problems when there were none previously.

Some of the most common symptoms of black mold are intense coughing and sneezing. Sometimes it can also irritate the eyes. When these signs are present, you need black mold testing service to identify toxic black mold presence.

Call Us for Mold Testing in Miami Gardens

Mold issues can't afford to wait, nor should they. We have partnered with O2 Mold Testing, a local team of certified and experienced mold professionals. This ensures a prompt, professional response for all of our customers.

If you think you might have mold in your home, do not hesitate to call us at 954-272-8561. Our expert mold testing services are up to the task.

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